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Operating across residential, commercial and leisure real estate development and investment, Al Hamra builds, invests in, and manages great spaces bringing holistic lifestyle, shopping and holiday experiences to our residents, shoppers, business partners and guests.As one of the top real estate developers in the UAE, we take pride in envisioning and developing award-winning master residential communities, luxury hotels that are renowned for their architectural excellence and leisure and entertainment destinations that suit both the adventure seekers and laid-back people. We have touched all aspects of life through our developments and investments.

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Al Hamra, a pioneering force in the UAE real estate sector, has blazed a distinctive trail since its inception. Emerging in the dynamic landscape of the early 2000s, the company has strived to redefine luxury living in the Emirates.

With a geographical focus on Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai, Al Hamra's influence extends far beyond its borders, marking its presence in the region's skyline. Its portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse developments, including opulent residential paradises that exude elegance and comfort, alongside avant-garde commercial landmarks that symbolise modern business sophistication. Idyllic hospitality retreats and recreational paradises adorned with lush green fairways and pristine waterscapes enrich their repertoire.